Central Motors provide a comprehensive fibre glass and moulding service. From producing drawings right through to the finished article our service provides everything you need to your own individual requirements. All of our GRP products can be made specific to your product needs whether it needs to be a specific colour, fire retarded, strengthened or trimmed. We are also able to create moulds from patterns or plugs supplied.

  • Fibre Glass Dept / Central Plastics
  • GRP Hand Layup
  • RTM Injection Equipment
  • Spray Chopper Gun
  • GRP Tooling & GRP Moulding
  • 10/11 Employees with 100 YEARS EXPERIENCE

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For more information on our fibre glass services please contact Angus Currie on:

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Industries that use our products

  • AerospaceRigidity, mechanical behavior and weight are critical for any material used in aerospace and aircraft applications.
  • Automotive IndustryComposite material is used in a number of applications in the automotive industry due to its temperature resistance, rigidity and fatigue strength. The benefits of using composites include greater fuel efficiency, corrosion resistance, light weight and strength. Composites also provide a low-cost way to help keep designs looking fresh.
  • Building and Construction IndustriesComposites are ideal for use in the construction industry because of their dimensional stability, strength, reduced weight, impact resistance, low flammability (with the appropriate mix of resins and additives), low maintenance and design flexibility.
  • Consumer Goods and business equipmentComposite materials deliver high performance, low weight and enhanced aesthetics for the consumer goods industry, surpassing competitive materials such as aluminium and steel.
  • Electrical and TelecommunicaitonsThe properties of composites are well-suited to solutions used for of electrical insulation, dielectric resistance and anticorrosion applications.
  • Heavy TransportationSome of the key features of composite materials in this market are light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and design flexibility. The benefits in turn include greater fuel efficiency, dimensional stability, greater cargo/passenger capacity, lower manufacturing cost, lower maintenance cost, enhanced aesthetics and parts consolidation.
  • Infrastructure and Public WorksThe properties of composite materials make them a practical choice for creating and rebuilding infrastructures. Composites provide cost-effective solutions derived from greater corrosion-resistance, higher strength-weight ratio, less maintenance and lower installation costs when compared to other materials such as steel and concrete.
  • Composites in the Sports and Leisure MarketsOwens Corning Composite Solutions Business offers quality and smart design for the recreational and leisure markets. Composite products are lighter and resist impact, more aerodynamic and easy to maintain. The durability of composites offers the ideal solution for today's recreational activities.
  • Wind Energy GenerationRenewable wind energy is beginning to compete on a large, industrialized scale with other energy sources like fossil fuel, hydro and nuclear power. Composites ensure high strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility, excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, and reduced drag.
  • Marine Industries

Advantages of GRP

  • Light weight: lower transportation and installation costs
  • Virtually impermeable
  • Superior leak resistance
  • Better hydraulic performance than steel, ductile iron and concrete
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lower cost and better maintenance
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